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Weekend Sales Presidents Day Edition

It seems like all of the digital distributors used up their patriotism on yesterday's sales, because none of the newly announced deals for today really have anything to do with the upcoming three-day weekend which honors Presidents Washington and Lincoln.

Steampowered.com has been holding a Square Enix week, and today's offering for that is the entireHitman franchise.  You can get any of the three games in that series of $2.49.  This is only good for today, Friday the 18th, but Steam's big sale on the Civilization series runs throughout the weekend.

Gog.com is selling four games by Select Strategy for half off, this includes the Jagged Alliance series and some others.  They each run $4.99 this weekend, and you can buy them individually or as a lot.

The Electronic Arts store is selling everything for the Sims 2 for 40% off; that's the main game itself, along with many expansion packs if you're sticking with Sim 2 instead of jumping onto Sims 3.

Our BEST DEAL OF THE WEEKEND still remains Steam's Sale on Everything by Square Enix for seventy-five dollars.  Otherwise, it's slim pickins today, but keep in mind that many of the sales we covered yesterday are running through Monday.


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