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Weekend Sales Thrusday February 3rd

There are some slim pickin's this Thursday in terms of online game sales.  Normally there a few more weekend deals announced by this time, but we'll show what impatient gamers can grab if you just can't wait for the inevitable Friday sales.

ImpulseDriven.com always has six Weekend Impulse Buys, and this weekend they are Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition for $9.99, Guardians of Graxia Bundle for $9.74, Project Aftermath for $2.49,  Most AI Wars games for 60% off (Prices vary), and Fallen Earth Bloodsports for $9.99.  Impulse also has a Daily Deal on Hunting Unlimited 2011 at $4.99, for those you who'd rather kill aforable forrest critters instead of robots, zombies and terrorists.

Steampowered's Weekend Deal is on King Arthur: The Role Playing Wargame, which has a huge 85% price cut at $2.99.There is also the King Arthur Complete pack which includes some DLC.  It's 70% off at $11.99.   Steam is also holding a sale on Numen: Conquest of Heroes which is just two dollars for an unspecified time. 

Of course Direct2Drive.com is still doing their Iceberg Interactive week, and the Gamer's Gate AI Wars week is still in effect along with some ofhter deals.  With such a skimpy line up, we'll give out BEST DEAL OF THE DAY to Steam's sale on King Arthur, it's only three bucks.


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