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Weekend Sales Thursday August 4th

If you like to shoot stuff, you're in for a great weekend, because some great FPS games are on sale, or even free this weekend.  Plus one of the major digital distributors is just begining their huge summer sale with hundreds of game at spectacular prices.

Steam has not only cut the price for Brink in half, but you can also play the multi-player portion of the game for free.  Also, in honor of Quake Con, Steam is putting a different Quake-themed game pack on sale every day this weekend.  Today it's the Doom & Quake Complete Pack which Doom 1-3, and Quake 1-4 plus their various expansion packs for $29.99.  A highly-recommended deal.  

If you like your shooting a little more cerebral, Steam is also selling the latest Fallout New Vegas DLC Old World Blues for 25% off at $7.49.  

ImpulseDriven.com bucks the shooter theme and offers up a selection of Weekend Impulse Buys in other genres:  Dawn Of War II: Retribution for $14.99, the Atlantis Bundle for $13.59, All Aveyond games are half off (Prices vary between $4.50 and $9.00), The Guild 2 Collection for $24.99, Empires and Dungeons 2: The Sultanate - Premium Edition for $7.47, and Two Worlds 2 for $24.99.

GamersGate.com has an epic summer sale going on now, with hundreds of games marked down by up to 87%.  Hot titles like Dead Space 2 are as low as $14.99, and some of the indie games are even less than a dollar.  Virtually everything is on sale, so head over there and check out this giant pile of deals.

Still, the best deal of this weekend is the free trial of Brink, at Steam, so download that for the low cost of nothing.  It's our BEST DEAL OF THE DAY.


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