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Weekend Sales Thursday February 17th

Thanks to Presidents' Day, we're heading into a three day weekend, which means that you'll have an extra day to loaf around playing video games before heading back to work or school on Tuesday.  Direct2Drive.com has the right spirit this, and they're offing a 20% discount on everything they sell if you enter the code "hailtothechief" at checkout.

ImpulseDriven.com is also getting into the act, their Weekend Impulse Buys are all very presidential:   They include Democracy 2, Command & Conquer 4, The Political Machine,Tropico 3, Endwar and Rulers of Nations, all for half off or more.  Prices vary.

Steampowered.com is being a little Presidentish with their weekend sale on the Civilization franchise.  You can get Civ V for 40% off which makes it $29.99, or you could get Civ IV Complete Edition for seven fifty; this includes three expansion packs.  Steam is also still doing a Daily Deal on games by Square Enix, today it's 75% off the Supreme Commander 2 franchise.

GamesForWindows.com completely missed the boat and is selling 4 Elements, a casual puzzle/RPG by publisher Playrix for 75% off, which makes it $4.99.

GamersGate.com is still holding Sim Week, selling many simulator games for 60% off, but they also have plenty of other game son sale too; the list is 49 games with various price breaks.  Have a look, surely one of them lets you simulate being a president!

Our Best Deal of the Week award still goes to Steam's Sale on Everything by Square Enix for seventy-five dollars.


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