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Weekend Sales Thursday February 24th

Normally, we don't mention Console games on these weekly sales features, but today Amazon is doing a right fine deal on the special editions of Halo Reach.  If you still haven't grabbed Halo Reach yet, or were holding off on the special editions for just such a sale, head over to Amazon to grab the Limited Edition of the game for forty dollars, or the Legendary Edition for sixty.

In terms of PC games, let's take a look at our usual suspects.  ImpulseDriven.com has a bunch of specials today.  First is their Daily Deals are Chrome for five dollars, and My SIms for ten.  Chrome is better than you might think, and a little in common with Crysis.  Give it a try if you just can't wait for Crysis 2 to show up.

Impulse also has their Weekend Impulse Buys:  Crusader Kings for $6.25, Every game by the Publisher Enlight for half off (Prices vary), The Return to Mysterious Island Bundle which has both games in that series for $17.49, Four "Tycoon" Games by Valusoft for $14.99, Gods VS Humans for $19.99, and finally Heroes of Might & Magic V plus it's Tribes of the East expansion pack for $9.99.  Impulse also has quite a few other assorted games on sale right now as well.

Direct2Drive.com has a disappointing sale for the weekend.  They're giving a 15% discount on any MMO game if you enter a special code at checkout.  While the price break is kinda lame, the codeword is rather amusing if you saw the World of Warcraft episode of South Park:  "hotpockets".

GamersGate.com is still holding their Atari Week with big discounts on over thirty games.  You'll most like see something that appeals to you among their offerings.  Elsewhere, GamesForWindows.com is selling Tropico 3 Gold Edition for 40% off at $14.99

The always reliable Steampowered.com has our BEST DEAL OF THE DAY with 75% off for all thingsCommand & Conquer.  Prices Vary, but most of them are going for $4.99.  As of this writing, Steam is also still honoring their two-dollar sale on Half Life 2 Episode 2 (Which made much more sense a few days ago when the date was Twosday 2/22).


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