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Weekend Sales Thursday February 24th

Normally, we don't mention Console games on these weekly sales features, but today Amazon is doing a right fine deal on the special editions of Halo Reach.  If you still haven't grabbed Halo Reach yet, or were holding off on the special editions for just such a sale, head over to Amazon to grab the Limited Edition of the game for forty dollars, or the Legendary Edition for sixty.

In terms of PC games, let's take a look at our usual suspects. has a bunch of specials today.  First is their Daily Deals are Chrome for five dollars, and My SIms for ten.  Chrome is better than you might think, and a little in common with Crysis.  Give it a try if you just can't wait for Crysis 2 to show up.

Impulse also has their Weekend Impulse Buys:  Crusader Kings for $6.25, Every game by the Publisher Enlight for half off (Prices vary), The Return to Mysterious Island Bundle which has both games in that series for $17.49, Four "Tycoon" Games by Valusoft for $14.99, Gods VS Humans for $19.99, and finally Heroes of Might & Magic V plus it's Tribes of the East expansion pack for $9.99.  Impulse also has quite a few other assorted games on sale right now as well. has a disappointing sale for the weekend.  They're giving a 15% discount on any MMO game if you enter a special code at checkout.  While the price break is kinda lame, the codeword is rather amusing if you saw the World of Warcraft episode of South Park:  "hotpockets". is still holding their Atari Week with big discounts on over thirty games.  You'll most like see something that appeals to you among their offerings.  Elsewhere, is selling Tropico 3 Gold Edition for 40% off at $14.99

The always reliable has our BEST DEAL OF THE DAY with 75% off for all thingsCommand & Conquer.  Prices Vary, but most of them are going for $4.99.  As of this writing, Steam is also still honoring their two-dollar sale on Half Life 2 Episode 2 (Which made much more sense a few days ago when the date was Twosday 2/22).


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