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Weekend Sales Thursday July 14th

You'll have to look long and hard today to find a good online sale, but that's okay because we've done the work for you.  Here's today crop of sale game, including our recommendation on your best option for the weekend.

Do you like getting punched in the back of the head every five seconds?  Well if you do, Steam has a sale on a First Person hand-to-hand combat game where you do nothing but get surrounded by enemies who punch you in the back of the head every five seconds.   It's called Zeno Clash and you can get it for $3.75 this weekend, if you like getting punched in the back of the head every five seconds...

Direct2Drive is still in the middle of their 30 Days of Deals event, and today you can get the terrible MMO Earthrise for $11.95, but a better choice there is the Heroes of Might and Magic Bundle which includes Dark Messiah of Might and Magic along ith Heroes V and its two expansion packs, all for $17.95.  D2D is also selling the Star Trek Online Digital Deluxe Edition for $5.95, and Sid Meier's Pirates Macintosh Edition for a whopping $20.95.

Gog.com is also doing a special promotion where they put one classic "Gem" on sale each day.  Today it's Celtic Kings: Rage of War, a strategy RPG from 2002.  You can have it on the cheap for $2.39.

ImpulseDriven hasn't announced their weekend Impulse buys yet, but they have a few things on sale, including Darksiders for five bucks.

Your best chance of finding a good game at a good price at the moment is GamersGate.com who are holding an Ubisoft Week where everything by that publisher is 30% off, and they have a one-day-only sale on HAWX 2 which is marked down by 75% to $7.49.  There are a ton of other games by UBisoft there, so check this sale out if you like Assassin's Creed, Brothers In Arms or any of Ubisoft's franchises.


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