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Weekend Sales Thursday Mar 12

If you're one of the few people who haven't played Fallout 3 yet, there's a great deal this weekend you should see.  If you've already had your fill of exploring DC's post-apocalyptic wasteland, then you'll still probably find something to your taste in these weekend deals.

Everything in the Serious Sam franchise is 75% off at Steam this weekend which means that you can get the Gold Edition that includes all of the Serious Sam games in HD with their updates and DLC.  You also have the option of getting the games individually for between $3.74 and $4.99 each.  At the time of this writing, they're also still holding their Midweek Madness sale on strategy games by Kalypso.

ImpulseDriven.com has six Weekend Impulse Buys for the next few days.  You can get all Gothic games half off, and they range from five dollars up to twenty five for the latest one, Supreme Commander Gold Editionis now ten dollars, Command and Conquer Red Alert Uprising is now ten dollars, Civilization IV Complete Editionis twenty dollars, Rig 'n' Roll a truck driving sim can be yours for $17.49, and Blood Bowl Legendary Edition is marked down to twenty dollars.

GamersGate.com is still holding their sale on everything by the publisher1C, along with 127 other games at the moment.

GamesForWindows.com has a strange sale on Fallout 3.  It's the regular edition of the game, not the GOTY.  You can buy it for half off ant $9.99, and you can get any of the DLC packs half off as well, EXCEPT Mothership Zeta.  If for some unfathomable reason, you haven't played this yet, do yourself a favor and grab it at this sale.  You'll also do well to buy the Broken Steel DLC, which is now five dollars, and adds a lot of content including endgame play, and a higher level cap.  That's going to be the best fifteen dollars you've ever spent, and our BEST DEAL OF THE DAY.


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