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Weekend Sales Thursday March 10th

If, for some unfathomable reason, you're not playing Dragon Age 2 right now, then you might be interested in what other games you can grab to amuse yourself over the weekend.  GamersGate.com is celebrating their 5th anniversary all month, and the sale just keeps getting better. They have over one hundred and fifty games on sale at the moment, including some big discounts on great titles like Crysis and Mirror's Edge among many, many more.  Do yourself a favor and check out this ever-growing list.

Direct2Drive.com has another one of their themed sales running this weekend.  This time around, it's Spring Break, and you can get 20% off anything if you enter the code "hangover" at checkout.  Elsewhere, on a much smaller scale, GamesForWindows.com is selling Singularity for half off at $24.99. 

Steampowered.com is selling several games in the Majesty franchise for 80% off. Also, at the time of this writing Steam is still doing their midweek 75% off sale on Mafia II.

ImpulseDriven.com has their Weekend Impulse Buys up; this weekend it's The Choosen: Well of Souls for $9.99, Timeshift for $9.99, a bundle of Crazy Racers and Crazy Arena for $14.99, the hard-to-pronounce Academagia for $19.99, Lost Planet 2 for $19.99, and Battlefield Bad Company 2 for just ten dollars!  And that is our BEST DEAL OF THE DAY.


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