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Weekend Sales Thursday March 3rd

There are some yummy deals for the weekend ahead, including a massive price break on a recent blockbuster.  Remember the big new Medal of Honor game from about four months ago?  It used to cost sixty dollars, but now ImpulseDriven.com has it marked down to fifteen for their Weekend Impulse Buys.  We didn't really care for it here atPlayer Affinity, but if you were curious about it, then this is the time to buy.

Also in the Weekend Impulse Buys are Emergency 2012 for $14.99, the Atlantis Bundle which has three games in that series for $19.99, Greed: Black Border is at $12.49, East India Company Collection which contains that game along with three expansions is marked down to just $4.49, and Impulse is also selling six games by publisher Iceberg Interactive for 75% off.  Also at Impulse is a Daily Deal on the horror/adventure Darkness Within for $3.74.

Direct2Drive.com has a weekend sale on all RPG's.  You'll get 20% off any RPG if you add the code "burnout".  They're being very open minded about the term RPG, and are selling various action RPG's, and even things like Grand Theft Auto IV and San Andreas.  You can also use this to snag a preorder on Dragon Age 2, or other upcoming games.

GamersGate.com is still holding Racing Week, but they also have many other games on sale as well.  If you like racing games, or the Hearts of Iron series, pop over there and take a look at their sale.  Speaking of racing games, GamesForWindows.com is selling F1 2010 for half off which makes it twenty dollars. 

Of course our BEST DEAL OF THE DAY goes to Direct2Drive for giving you 20% of Dragon Age 2 pre-orders.  But you probably already pre-ordered that months ago, right?


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