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Weekend Sales Thursday May 19th

We've found some great deals for you this weekend online, including one special, magical, bewitching sale on a cult-classic RPG, so grab your credit cards, and take a look at this crop of weekend game sales!

Steam has a Weekend Deal on Rift, the mmorpg.  You can get it for 33% off which makes the regular edition $33.49 and the Digital Deluxe Edition $40.19.  They're also still honoring their Midweek Madness Deals at the time of this writing, so you can get Singularity for $10.20, or Worms Reloaded for $9.99.

ImpulseDriven.com has a one-day-only sale on Greed, an action RPG by Meridian 4.  You can get it for 75% off which makes it $6.24.  Impulse also has their Weekend Impulse Buys: All Painkiller games are half off, which makes them between $2.49 and $9.99 each, AI War: Alien Bundle is $20.99, Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box is half off at $14.99, Men Of War is $5.24, Drakensang Bundle is $19.99, and For The Glory: A Europa Universalis Game is just $2.99.

GamersGate.com is still doing their Capcom Week with thirteen games by that publisher at half off.  Prices vary.  GamesForWindows.com is selling everything by 2K Games for half off. This includes DLC, so check out the sale if you haven't already grabbed the DLC for Borderlands or Bioshock 2.

Direct2Drive.com is selling everything by Atari for half off.  Prices vary, but most are around ten dollars.  But don't buy The Witcher from them, because...

Gog.com has the Enhanced Edition Director's Cut of The Witcher for just five bucks fight now, to help promote the new game in that series.  This is a great price, and definitely a must-buy for PC role-playing fans.  This opportunity to see what all the fuss is about is our BEST DEAL OF THE DAY.


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