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Weekend Sales Thursday May 5th

Do the other nerds pick on you because you haven't played Mass Effect yet?  If so, you can gain back your geek cred with Steam's Daily Deal on the Mass Effect franchise.  ME 1 & 2 , along with the ME2 Digital Deluxe Edition are all half price.  Alas, none if the DLC is on sale. 

Steam is also having a weekend sale on the Men of War franchise.  Everything is 66% off, including the recently released Assault Squad and the complete pack.  This is a great deal for WWII tactics fans.  Also, at the time of this writing, Steam is still holding their midweek sale on Plants VS Zombies GOTY Edition for $3.40. 

GreenManGaming.com has a Daily Deal on Grand Ages: Rome for $5.92, and they have Mount & Blade Warband marked down by 78% at $6.36. 

GamesForWindows.com has the off-road racer FUEL at half off for $19.95. 

Direct2Drive.com has a Daily Deal on Mount & Blade Warband for six dollars, which is an 80% discount, and their Capcom Week is still going on today as well, which will get to 50% off when you buy several Capcom games.

This week's installment of Weekend Impulse Buys at ImpulseDriven.com is Command & Conquer 4 for $19.99,   all Trainz games are half off (Prices vary), Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale for $9.99, All Guild 2 games are half off (Prices vary),  the Majesty 2 Collection is $12.49, and all Kings Bounty games are half off (Prices vary).

Our BEST DEAL OF THE DAY goes to Steam for Mass Effect 1& 2.  There is no excuse to have not played these yet.   


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