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Weekend Sales Thursday September 9

This weekend on Steam, the new release (released this spring) Sid Meier's Civilization V is a whopping 75% off, bringing the price down to a quite lovely USD $ 12.50 for all of your turn-based, winning the world strategy needs.

Also on special on Steam is the Need for Speed franchise, ranging from 50 - 75% off.

On the Impulse Network, the Theatre of War, Company of Heroes, and other games are on special as part of their strategy game sale; over at GamersGate the ArmA series seems to be on special as well, continuing the military game trend. On Games for Windows / Xbox.com, Need for Speed Shift is on special, if you prefer using that site over Steam.

It seems the best value to be had here is the Civilization V special on Steam, considering the original price was $49.99 and it was just released this spring - this is not a franchise sale, this is not an 'in preparation for a new game' sale, this is a sale of a fantastic turn-based strategy. But there are plenty of other games to be going around if you are not keen on that Civilization V, judging from these sales!


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