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Weekend Sales Update: Guild Wars Trilogy Half Off at D2d

Direct2Drive has been holding Daily Deals of late, with just one item on sale for a limited time, rather than the usual “Weekend Sale” approach that has been used by most other online game digital distributors.  Today you can grab a copy of Guild Wars Trilogy at half off, for $19.99.  The deal only applies for today, Saturday. 

Guild Wars is a lot like a MMORPG, but it doesn’t require a monthly fee, and has an extensive offline mode. This particular package includes the original game, along with the Factions and Nightfall expansion packs.  If that’s not enough content for you, there still one more expansion pack for Guild Wars, the more recent Eye of the North. That one is not included with this Trilogy bundle, and Direct 2 Drive is still selling that one at its full price of $29.99, however you can get it for a lot less if you shop around, and don’t mind buying it as a retail disk instead of a digital download.

This Daily Deal follows yesterday’s sale on Aion, another MMO by the same publisher, NC Soft.  Although D2d isn’t actively billing this as an NC Soft sale, I wouldn’t be surprised if tomorrow we see yet another Daily Deal on one of NC Soft’s other games like City of Heroes, or Lineage 2.

Check back here tomorrow and find out.


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