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The day after Labor Day marks an enormous release date for the industry, with big name titles like Dead IslandWarhammer 40,000: Space Marine, and Driver: San Francisco all being released to this week.  As the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee soak the Northeast to its core, gamers in the region should be happy to have a great excuse to sit back and enjoy a new release or two this weekend.  In case you missed any of our coverage of the games released this week, here's a short rundown of each.

Dead Island (Developed by Techland, Published by Deep Silver)

Take control of 1 of 4 survivors immune to the zombie epidemic that now controls the tropical paradise of Banoi.  Hack, slash, and shoot your way through a vast open-world post-apocalyptic paradise as you try to figure out why everyone is trying to eat you and attempt to discover a way off this infested hotbox.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine (Developed by Relic Entertainment, Published by THQ)

Command a small squad of Ultramarines as Captain Titus as he tries to halt a massive Ork invasion of an Imperial forgeworld.  In the series' first third-person action game, you'll have the chance to witness the destructive power of the Emperor's finest soldiers firsthand.  Whether it's the chainsword, thunder hammer, vengeance launcher, plasma cannon, or the traditional bolter, you'll have plenty of options to smash your way through both Orks and Chaos Space Marines on your path to victory.  Head over to our preview here for the full rundown of the game.

Driver: San Francisco (Developed and Published by Ubisoft)

Employ series protagonist John Tanner's new "shift" ability to possess the bodies of other drivers as the franchise returns to its roots in San Francisco.  Get behind the wheel of over 120 different licensed vehicles as you attempt to avoid the cops and pedestrians attempt to avoid you.  Bring some friends to tag along with multiplayer modes including trail blazer and tag, with more coming in the future.  Check out our hands-on preview here for more info.


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