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Well Finally! 3DS Gets System Update

The 3DS has been out for over a month, and all this time we've been promised a system update that will provide users with a web browser and access to the Nintendo eShop- things that should have been available right out of the box.  Sure, Nintendo did cough up a small update that gave players some minor enhancements, along with a nifty 3D music video by Okay Go, but that's no substitute for being able to read Player Affinity from any place with a Wi-Fi connection. 

The release date for the new update is June 6, evening PST.  It has been confirmed that this update will provide the promised web browser, and access to the eShop which will have a crop of 3DS software and a new interface, along with the virtual console and DSI games. 

The new browser will not run on Opera as did the DSi and DsiXL versions.  The 3DS browser will use Netfront which should provide a better experience than the awkward and slow previous incarnation.  Netfront is used by the Sony PSP, and the latest version supports flash sites, so this new DS browser might be a major step up for those of us who did not care for surfing the web on our Dsi.


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