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Wes Ball to Make His Short Film ‘Ruin’ Into a Feature

Back in March, a digitally animated short film called Ruin made the rounds on a lot of sites, earning praise for its post-apocalyptic visuals and high-energy chase sequence. Well, Hollywood was watching, as the film's creator, Wes Ball, is in talks with 20th Century Fox to turn it into a feature film.

THR says McG will produce the film. McG made Terminator Salvation for Fox, which has a very similar vibe to Ruin. He will supervise Ball, who will direct and write wtih T.S. Nowlin.

Although Ball's background is in digital graphics, having done some work for HBO and also on DVD and Blu-ray featurettes including Star Trek, the film is expected to be live action. Fox believes Ruin has franchise potential, and made its offer to Ball before he could meet with other studios.

If you haven't seen Ruin, I recommend checking it out below.


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