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What Comedy is Best for You?

Good comedy is hard to find. Likely most shows you can't get enough have been off the air for awhile now. Time to freshen up because there's a lot to laugh at on your tube. So here’s a rundown for your every comedy need. Because let’s face it, after a long, boring day at work you don’t want to sit down on your couch and spend the evening turning channels hoping that something will put a smile on your face. No, just check these shows and see if they have the kind of jokes that will brighten up your day or give you material for your father-in-law/co-workers/that girl on the bus you always meant to talk to...

For the Bachelor:
Are you enjoying life without responsibilities? Or are you longing back to it? Then look no further than Blue Mountain State to relive the college years and life was just about scoring chicks and playing the game. But no need to end that lifestyle when you graduate. Eastbound & Down and Californication also promote the bachelor life. If you like your show to complement your life of sleeping with whoever you want or you want to live vicariously through characters doing just that, these shows are not to miss. Men need to be free, you know!

For the Sarcastic, Awkward Guy:
If you love irony and rather say everything you don’t mean and hate what you like, there’s are a slew of ironic TV shows waiting for you. Whether it’s the shady way the TV business works in Episodes, 30 Rock, or the numerous ways workers can enjoy themselves on The Office. There’s so much to be embarrassed or complain ironically about. Take the hilarous, endearing ways of New Girl, the social abomination that is Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory or really anything that happens on Happy Endings. And we don’t even need to tell you why you have to watch Community again, do we?


For the Family Man:
Besides Family Guy there are a lot of shows that tap jokes out of the hilarity that is family life. Watch seemingly unqualified parents in Raising Hope, I Hate My Teenage Daughter, and Up All Night. There's also life in the suburbs with Suburgatory and dysfunctional but loving families on Modern Family, The Simpsons, The Middle, Bob’s Burger, American Dad!, and The Cleveland Show

For the Brainless Moments:
If you really had a long business day or if you’re just taking a break from your computer screen, sometimes all you need is some brainless fun. The aforementioned animation shows work well in that regard, since a lot of comedies have gotten lazy and therefore, easy on the brain. Shows that are good enough for an occasional giggle are the dreading How I Met Your Mother, the acclaimed Archer, the resurrected The Game, the neverending Rules Of Engagement, easy comedy of Mike & Molly or Whitney. And if you’re either into Betty White or a middle aged woman you’ll find pleasure in Hot In Cleveland.

So that’s the breakdown for ya. Is there a show you like? Google or Youtube them or check one of the reviews here at Player Affinity. If there’s a show missing it’s probably impossible to label or just not worthy to check out. Either way, if this guide didn’t give you a show you can laugh with, you might just want to stick with watching heavy drama or playing Skyrim. Just sayin’.


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