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What DC Comics Character Should Have Their Own CW Show?

The CW has had plenty of DC comics characters with their own television shows. Currently they have Arrow, which has been a big success for the network. In the past they also had Smallville, which lasted ten seasons on their network. They even have a Wonder Woman show in the works. So, it seems like DC Comic related television shows have a bright future on the CW. Here is a list of DC characters I would like to see have a future on the CW.

The Flash

Barry Allen has a great story that can easily be converted for a television audience. Barry is a forensic scientist with powers from the speed force. The CW can convert this story into a CSI type of show with the added bonus of super powers. The CW hasn’t had a CSI type of show in the past and with Flash being a superhero genre show I think it could work with their other line up of shows. The supporting characters for Flash could add more interesting and dynamic stories. Iris is a reporter, and this could give a Smallville feel that many DC Comics fans may like to see. A forensic Scientist and a reporter who have some chemistry could add some romance that the teenage audience loves about the CW. This show would have an interesting dynamic which could allow a lot of different type of people to enjoy this show.


Question is not really a superhero, but more of a detective who hides his face. It would be great to have a darker show on the CW, which Arrow was trying to do in the beginning of their series. It could be a noir type of series. This would be something different than what other networks have on television at the moment. Most detective shows on television right now usually work with the police. There isn’t any shows where there is one man trying to figure out a case. There are also not many noir toned television shows. So, this show would not only bring something different to the CW, but also to moderen television in general.

Teen Titans 


The CW tries mostly to aim at teens and young adults. So, a live action Teen Titans television show fits the bill. Most people want to see shows that could relate to them. The Teen Titans are teens and have the same problems that regular teens have. The only difference is that they have super powers. There could be a lot of of different romantic relationships on the show, which every teen show needs to have to survive in the teen genre. I would love to see the pre-new 52 team on the small screen. I think they can really develop these characters into something everyone would like. They could add superheroes like Wondergirl, Kid Flash, Robin, and Superboy. These chracters are already related to big heroes like Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman to make the audience members want to tune in. They would just have to grow into their own, which we have already seen them do through out the years in comic books.


A couple of years ago The CW was working on a Robin pilot, but plans feel through and the show was never made. But I do think it would be a good idea to have a Nightwing show. It would be aimed at a young adult audience more than a Robin show would. The Batman universe is very popular to the mainstream audience after the Christopher Nolan Batman films. So, I think many people would tune in, and would probably give the show a lot of hype. I would love to see Dick have his own show. It would be an added bonus if they added supporting characters like Tim Drake and Barbara Gordon. I think this show would be able to hold its own even if Batman wasn’t in the show.


The Gotham City Police Department had an ongoing series a couple of years back. With this series I feel the mainstream audience would realize that DC has some comics that have nothing do with superheroes. GCPD is one of these series. This could be a show about the world around Gotham City. This would be in the point of view of a normal person who lives with superheroes in their city. This would be especially interesting because we would see how the police deal with these vigilantes. The main character would be Commissioner Gordon and his fellow police staff. This could be a great series to connect with the Bat Family, and the Bat Family could also be a main focus of the series.

What do you guys think about these characters having their own show? Do you have any other DC characters that you would like to see on the CW? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below:


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