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What I’m Most Looking Forward To At This Year’s E3

Over the last few years, since it was re-launched back to its full glory after a couple of more restrained years, E3 has become the standout video game showcase for both consumers and the gaming press. It’s the one true event of the year where you can guarantee a blowout of info about virtually all the upcoming software and hardware worth hearing about across the gaming board.

E3 (or Electronic Entertainment Expo) first started in 1995. Back then Sony was showing off the original PlayStation for the first time to excited western gamers. This year's E3 should be as good as ever for PlayStation fans with some great exclusives to drool over. In this feature I highlight (in no special order) some of the games and hardware that I will be most looking forward to hearing more about during the show.


Sony is one of the only companies to ever be able to successfully break into the handheld market that has almost exclusively been dominated by Nintendo ever since the release of the original Game Boy. In true Sony style they did not try and imitate Nintendo, but instead came out with a high spec and very slick-looking piece of hardware in the shape of the PlayStation Portable. Six years later the PSP is still selling and has built up a huge library of excellent exclusive titles. Although the PSP’s sequel, currently known as NGP (Next Generation Portable), has been known about for a while, it should be at this year's E3 where we will most likely be able to get up close and personal with the new hardware. Sony has not confirmed what they will be revealing about the NGP at E3, but we should be able to expect a preliminary launch date and price as well as more details about games to look out for. With the advent of iPhones and other high powered portable devices, Sony is really going to have to concentrate on providing a gaming experience above and beyond what gamers can get elsewhere. That means quality exclusive titles like Uncharted Portable and the rumored Call of Duty game. Here's to hoping E3 will provide us with some juicy details.

Resistance 3  

Resistance 3
almost seemed to
come out of nowhere to become one of the best early games for the PS3. And although some fans felt let down by certain aspects of the second game, it was still a solid FPS with a unique and intriguing setting. Resistance 3 is set three years after the events of the second game. It looks to have a strong single-player campaign, with the option to play through in two-player co-op mode, as well as having a deep progression-based competitive multiplayer. With new games from the mega franchises of Call of Duty and Battlefield also on the cards for E3, I will be looking forward to seeing how this PS3 exclusive can hold its own in one of the most competitive gaming genres.

Uncharted 3
Uncharted 3
The first Uncharted game was good, but it was the second game that really set new standards for quality in action-adventure games, proving once and for all that video games could easily match cinema in storytelling and production values. Naughty Dog has become one of the most consistent and respected developers out there, and from what we have seen so far there is little doubt that Uncharted 3 will be anything less than a great sequel.  

Last Guardian

The Last Guardian

Considering how long we have known about this game it is surprising how little we still really know about the way it actually plays. The third game by Team ICO is highly anticipated by almost anyone who played through ICO and Shadow of the Colossus.  Hopefully E3 will give us a chance to finally get our hands on a playable version of the game and find out what it is all really about.  

BioShock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite

BioShock 2 was a solid game, but somehow the quirky underwater world of Rapture didn’t seem to have quite the same impact the second time around. Rather than sticking with the same setting for a third time, the next game in the series is going for a totally new feel, and it looks like it could be one of the most original and exciting games due to arrive next year. BioShock Infinite is not a direct sequel or prequel to either of the two previous games. Instead it takes place in 1912 on a collapsing air-city called Columbia where the player tries to rescue a trapped woman. It seems quite rare to see a truly original big budget game these days, especially a FPS. So far we have only seen a gameplay video, so a playable version should be well worth seeking out at E3.  

Driver: San Francisco

Driver: San Francisco
I remember first seeing the original Driver game on the PSone back in 1999. There was something about its unique and stylish look that made it stand out as something special. The series got left behind on the PS2 when Grand Thief Auto 3 well and truly stole its crown as the king of open world city driving games (as well as bringing so much more to the table). Diver: San Francisco is set a few months after the events of the somewhat disappointing Driv3r and is set to be a return to the roots of the series. The ability to get out of the car and walk around the environments has been removed in an attempt to focus the gameplay on the driving. Here’s hoping that the developer Ubisoft Reflections has learned enough lessons from the series’ past mistakes to make an enjoyable and balanced game.  

There is no doubt that there is going to be a lot of news and info to look forward to during the E3 show, which kicks off with Sony’s press conference on June 6.  

What games are you most looking forward to hearing more about? Perhaps Modern Warfare 3? Or maybe God of War IV? Enter your comments below.


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