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What Is In A Name?

Microsoft is going to start removing old and dead gamertags.  This means that the name you may have always wanted may be made available to you.  I am sure most of us had our first choice of a gamertag shot down.  This is your time for revenge.  The news was posted on Major Nelson’s blog.  The blog post went on to say, “This process will take some time to complete, and no we can’t tell you when the Gamertag you want might be available.” 

He also goes on to say that if you are interested in a new gamertag, then you should check back often because the process will take several days to clean out all of the dead tags.  If you are interested in looking for a new gamertag, sign into Xbox Live, go to “My Xbox Channel,” and then select the “Change Gamertag" option.  From that point you can then search for a name or have it randomly generate a name for you.  But to change your name is not free.  It will cost you 800 Microsoft points or $10.00. 

That may seem a lot but for everything that has to go on behind the scenes of Xbox Live to change your gamertag, the price makes sense.  Also, if you do want to change your gamertag, everything transfers over to your new name, like achievements and friends list.  I am hoping that the name I want becomes available. 


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