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What Is Telltale’s “The Wolf Among Us”?

It ain't easy being TellTale these days. The studio became highly successful in 2012 with the popularity and soaring sales of The Walking Dead's first season, and you'd think all they'd be working on is a follow up to that game. While that is coming, but before it hits, they have a different, little known title coming out called The Wolf Among Us.

The Wolf Among Us is based on the popular Fables comic, and is canon to the events of the comic book, which is something that will please fans of the series. You play as Bigby Wolf, the protagonist of this game, and your decisions revolve around deciding whether to help fantasy characters out (the three blind mice, Mr. Toad are examples), or give in to your wolf side. The game has a darker tone, as does the comic, and is not a children's game by any means necessary. The game will keep the cel-shaded graphical style of The Walking Dead.

The choice system is also going to be heavily improved upon then The Walking Dead. TellTale has gone on record stating that The Wolf Among Us is the hardest game they've ever had to make, much harder because it isn't grounded in reality like The Walking Dead. The game will also be less puzzle heavy and more narrative driven then previous TellTale games.

The Wolf Among Us has seen some development hell, mostly due to the success of The Walking Dead, but the first episode is promised to debut sometime this summer. It'll be interesting to see if each episode will have a two month gap between it, or if they will be released sooner between each episode.

TellTale Games' The Wolf Among Us will be released sometime later this summer for XBLA, PSN, and PC.


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