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What is the appeal of Jason Statham?

In a world of CGI action, superhero movies and PG-13 violence Jason Statham is one few genuine action stars left in modern cinematic landscape. He has a loyal fanbase and his latest movie Redemption (Hummingbird in the UK) is about to hit theaters. So let us look at why people like The Stath so much.

His Action Credentials
One of the big appeals of Stratham movies is the action set pieces and martial arts fighting. Unlike many Western action stars Stratham does most of his own stunts and fighting. He is a skilled martial artist and his fist fighting abilities is prominent in his movies. He does plenty of his own stunt driving as well. It certainly helps with his legitimacy as an action star.

His Physical Fitness
Many action stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel are known for being muscular hulks of men. Our friend Mr Statham is known for having a more slender build but he is a man who has been at the peck of physical fitness. He started his career as a diver and he was a model for French Connection. His body shape is more natural compared to some of his Expendables cast companions. In The Transporter series the filmmakers often find a way to ensure Statham becomes topless and there are many women who find Statham very attractive.

His Comic Timing
Many of the best action stars have charisma, wit, one-liners and comic timing. In keeping with that tradition Statham shares these qualities. Statham has shown he has comedy skills since his first two roles in Guy Ritchie’s Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch. Since he has become an action star his characters are often quick witted fellows and he can lighten a mood when required. A number of Statham’s movies have a comic tone due to their overblown nature. He also had a comic role as the insane, dangerous killer Monk in the prison-sports movie Mean Machine.

He Knows his Audience
Statham certainly knows his audience and he gives them what they want, hard hitting action in a modern setting. Many of his movies fit that fit that description. Of course it could be argued that Statham has no range but there are still differences, from the kinetic energy of the Crank movies, to the pure action of The Transporter trilogy to British set flicks like The Bank Job. His least successful movies are when he steps out of his comfort zone and strayed into sci-fi with Ghosts of Mars (a movie he made before he became famous) and the Uwe Boll fantasy In the Name of the King.

His Nationality
Like many action stars from his set The Stath is does not hail from the United States. Born and raised in the England Statham has made his gristled voice and accent a trademark and it has not prevented him starring in American movies. He has shown support for his home nation’s film industry, starring in movies like The Bank Job, Blitz and his latest movie, Redemption.


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