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What We’re Playing (7/13/10)

We're back with another week of inane rambling about games! This week we're fronting Steven Beynon, Tristan Wong, Josh Margolis, and myself. Here's what we're playing.

Steven - "DeathSpank currently hogs all my love and attention. This is one of the only games I've ever played that's actually funny. It's constant parody of fantasy titles feels refreshing and is a rarity in videogames. Oh, and the RPG-part is pretty cool, too. For the $15.00 I highly recommend this snarky loot-filled adventure. Check out my impressions on DeathSpank for more."

Tristan - "This weekend, I'm actually going to shift focus and go back to an old classic on my PC, and a couple new games I finally got a couples days ago (EB games just don't understand urgency…) I am to venture through three games, Singularity which I need to play through, Naughty Bear (terrible… god I wish I didn't have to review this game), and 'Sins of a Solar Empire,' the strategy heavy juggernaut from the guys at Stardock and Ironclad games. If you haven't gotten to try Sins of a Solar Empire, you must do it--I mean, it takes the strategy of Civilizations (if you haven't heard of that game, I'm going to find you and dig you out of that rock you hide under) and puts it into the real-time strategy genre, and the results as such are just… I can't explain it, get off your ass and play it now! DO IT!

As for Singularity, I haven't touched it as I was more enticed by the title of 'Naughty Bear'. In hindsight, I should've went with the trusty and reliable developer of Raven Software instead of injecting myself into the world of the new. I mean, I personally saw that Naughty Bear had a lot of potential, but the mess is locked up to all hell and I don't even think I even saw more than a quarter of the game so far. It's irritating and so far, I only have… I don't even know because I'm not looking at it now. The review should be done and after so, I will be finishing off playing Singularity, which I'm looking forward to during the long weekend.  This is Tristan, signing off for some sleep… now off to play Naughty Bear in the mourning… ugh."

Josh - "This week I am playing some older games. No love for the Wii or PS3 this week as I am playing mostly 360 games.I am currently playing Neir, a game that though it has some big problems it's still an enjoyable JRPG. Other games I'm playing on 360 include the Darkness. A game I heard repeatedly that it is an underrated game, but after waiting so long to play it I feel recent games have killed its' charm. Last on the 360 I am still playing Peggle, and if you have played it before you know why it's worth playing (even if it is just for an hour).

On the PC side I'm getting my RTS love on with some War Hammer 40k. A friend has been nagging me to play the games for a long time now, and I finally gave it a chance. Thank you Steam for having your 4th of July special, and letting me buy all the THQ games for $50! Expect to hear me talking about some more PC games with my big purchase over Steam.

Last, but not least, I am not playing it right now, but I would like to see if anyone wants to play (help my ass out) in Demon's Souls for PS3? Help would be appreciated!"

Matt - "I've been playing a ton of 'Sit and Wait For UPS to Deliver NCAA Football 11', in fact I've played it so much that Amazon is sending me another copy! I paid for release day shipping(this past tuesday), and here we are(friday) and it has yet to arrive, though the second copy seems as if it might get here today. Hooray!

Other than that I've been evaluating MMO's, looking for one to strike my fancy. I'm still playing APB, even though I hate so much of it. I think I'll give Guild Wars a go, since Guild Wars 2 looks simply awesome!"

Well, that's all for this week. Time to play some more SaWFUPStDNF11, yay! See you next week!


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