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What Will Flashpoint Do To The DCU?

It is Flashpoint Friday Feature! Flashpoint is the next big thing after Brightest Day and anything in between! However, with so little information what does this mean for the heroes and villains of the DCU (DC Universe). Writer Geoff Johns will be working with artist Andy Kubert throughout the story arc which begins really soon. Flashpoint has seemingly already started in The Flash #6: Case One, Dastardly Death of the Rogues Pt. 6 and also teasers have been given from the DC source blog. So what will happen in this epic Flash story? With the release of Flashpoint starting in May, we have plenty of time to speculate on things that might happen in this story arc.

Flashpoint #1 Teaser: Who's Ship Never Crashed?

Who's Ship?

The first teaser that DC released was “the spaceship never crashed” this could mean two things. The first being Kal-El’s Kryptonian spaceship which allowed him to leave his dying world of Krypton. However this teaser could also refer to Abin Sur’s spaceship crashing down to Earth – and thus giving his ring to Hal Jordan the first Human Green Lantern! And if that is correct, then it would be Abin and Sinestro protecting Earth with the other lanterns during Blackest Night and maybe Abin would be the wielder of the white entity?

If Hal Jordan never became a Green Lantern, then that would also mean Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, and John Stewart would also never become lanterns. As most people know the Guardians have always frowned upon the human race. Either it was because of the chaos that humans have created or because they were trying to protect the White Entity that has been on the Earth from the beginning of time. Humans would never be in the Green Lantern corps today.

But if there were no human lanterns, Hal would never become Parallax and go through the crisis that his betrayal led to. And probably the destruction of Coast City by Cyborg Super-Man would also never happen. So with the events of Flashpoint it does have many bad alternate futures, but it also has some good within it.

Flashpoint Teaser #2: Wayne Crime?

Evil Batman?

What is Gotham City without a Batman? The answer is simple – a simple city with small crime or just a corrupted city without a hero! This could mean a whole bunch of things. As seen throughout many alternate story lines if Bruce’s parents didn’t get killed then he would just be a selfish playboy. Or the death of his parents lead to him being the most feared villain of Gotham City; setting up random Casinos to make a dirty profit. “Wayne International Casinos” would probably be the name change. By day the owner of everything in Gotham and at night the villain of the night, Batman!

While it probably wouldn’t be the extreme of Bruce never being born. It is an interesting factor to think about. If Bruce were not born then he wouldn’t be the one who stopped Darkseid in Grant Morrison’s Final Crisis. Thus not having the different sidekicks (Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, Jason Todd, etc) aiding him in his years as Batman too. Another factor to count is also not being able to go through the different time periods to meet the Bat-people whom have a connection to the Wayne Family. If Bruce wasn’t born then Darkseid would have won Final Crisis and the Universe would probably be destroyed. But like I said, this is probably the extreme and wouldn’t happen.

Flashpoint Teaser #3: Superman Test Subject?

Project Superman

This could talk about Superman. If Superman did crash on Earth and the Luthors found him instead of the Kent’s. This being that Lex would be experimenting on Superman for all of his life and Metropolis wouldn’t have a protector, just lots of clones of Superman running rampant throughout the Metropolis and the world! And what other corruption could be seen in this alternate reality? Lex Luthor marrying Lois Lane? Say it isn’t so!

Flashpoint Teaser #4: Royal Hero Marriage

https://www.entertainmentfuse.com/images/flsv2_1.jpgThe marriage between Aquaman and Wonder Woman is a long shot. This could mean anything, but one thing is for certain – their marriage is the result of a war! While the slogan for this teaser is “Their marriage was arranged to prevent a war” maybe the relationship between the Atlanteans and the Amazons were tested. When the two of them got married it caused an all out War World III between the Amazons and Atlanteans. However, it could also mean that Aquaman and Wonder Woman control the Earth with a hand of not tolerating injustice.

Flashpoint Teaser #5: Is Barry Allen The Scarlett Speedster?

Where is his ring? Originally I thought this had to relate to Hal Jordan, but it was shown in a teaser with Barry Allen’s Flash logo. Geoff Johns has really been focusing on the villain Reverse Flash in the current “The Flash” series. Maybe Thawne is the reason why this “Flashpoint” series is created because he went back in time and changed something? Is the speed force involved? Barry Allen might be seen (in the beginning of the series) as the villain; even donning the Reverse Flash suit! Whatever the case might be, Barry and Thawne are the reason Flashpoint even exists!

What is in-store for the DC Universe? Will Flashpoint be permanent? What other heroes will be appearing in Flashpoint? And what is going to be the outcome after this story is over!? With all these questions and more, Flashpoint will be coming this May with all of the answers! And last Flashpoint will have a special preview in Green Lantern Special Edition on Free Comic Book day; which will give us a little bit more info on the series.


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