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What’ll You Be Playing This Weekend? (6.04.10)

Here's a new challenge I've throw on myself. With every week a new header image for What'll You Be Playing. We're on Week #2 and I'm already feeling it.

So, what's on my agenda for the weekend? Works. Lots of work, but I'm going to try to squeeze in a few more hours of Alpha Protocol. I've already finished the game once, but the second playthrough has been surprising, proving just how reactive this game is. Too bad so much of it just kind of functions. The shooting kind of works, the stealth kind of works, but the dialogue system works wonderfully. I'm still pumping a lot of hours in Super Mario Galaxy 2 and right now, I'm around star 80-something. Nintendo accidentally made a hard game.

Jay Malone: Last weekend, I had a slew of games to play and sadly (not so sad actually), I played Red Dead Redemption a lot... again. That game is excellent.Though I did still find some time for Split/Second.

This week, I'm hoping to get through more Split/Second and possibly finish that. Split/Second is an absolute blast to play, it's intense and the many game modes do a great job of mixing up the action and always keeping it exciting. And while it may not have a ton of cars, all the cars have a specific look that I love. I highly recommend it.

Granted I said both of these things last week and didn't do them, I'd like to play more Alan Wake or Prince of Persia. I wouldn't be surprised if I did neither of those again as I have Trauma Team and Snoopie Flying Ace to play. I've never played a Trauma Center/Team game before so I was quite excited entering this one and apart from the absolutely garbage story, I've enjoyed it. Controls can get a bit tough at times but other than that, it's fun to cut guys/women open. I'm quite surprised by Snoopie Flying Ace. I thought the game would be garbage but... it's not. It has a serious amount of depth with a vast cration system and ranks in multiplayer. You can definitely see how hard the developers worked on this. Though the controls can be a bit tough (it is a flying game) and the multiplayer is a bit tough to break into at first.

Though I wouldn't be surprised if Red Dead took over my weekend yet again.

Ray Carsillo: I'm going to be putting on my space helmet and finally really getting into Super Mario Galaxy 2 and then I'm going to try to get in some shooter RPG action before I really start hunkering down for E3 with Alpha Protocol. I'm really hopeful for Alpha Protocol because SEGA has been disappointing me with nearly everything they've released since Madworld. 

Have a good one, people and let us know about your weekend, because I love to know about everything.


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