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What’ll You Be Playing This Weekend?

With the weekend coming up, freetime generally becomes a thing. I've had a busy week, but with the weekend looming over me, I've drawn out a plan for the weekend. This'll will be a weekly feature, where I wrangle some of the other editors together to put in their weekend plans, too. And hey, while we're at it, we'll be asking you, too. Drop in your plans for a gaming weekend. It'll probably be fun. Probably!

Christopher Park: Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the game that will be my weekend. It's a wonderful game, full of utter insanity presented in a way that just makes so much sense all the time. That's right, a Wii has another good game worth playing, which brings the total up to a little more than a dozen, but a dozen incredible, unique or only-can-be-done-on-Wii games. It's games like Super Mario Galaxy 2 that makes a Wii purchase sensical, especially if you haven't dug Nintendo's priorities with catering to a newer audience. Anyway, you can expect the review to be glowing.

Possibly fit in some Red Dead Redemption here, too. A great game, with a better justification for its violence and character motivations than any of the GTA games. It's really the setting that sells it and I'm having a great time.

Jay Malone: This upcoming weekend is one of those weekends where I'm not 100 percent sure what I'm going to be doing. One thing I'm certain I'll be playing is Alan Wake. I'm at episode three right now and I wouldn't mind burning through a few more episodes. So far, the game's story is fantastic and engrossing as hell while the combat is... Tolerable. The shooting is fine but the dodge controls feel unresponsive and can become a huge hassle in big battles.

Another game I may be diving into is Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands. I've never played a Prince of Persia game before (apart from the 2008 one) so I'm not for sure what to expect. Also, I may pop in Split/Second. I played the demo of that game and quite enjoyed so I'm hoping the full game matches the demo. I've heard about some bad rubber-band AI problems though which could be a huge annoyance.

Other things I may check out are 3D Dot Game Heroes, I'm about 4 hours into that and would love to get it done in the coming weeks (Although I doubt I will) and Super Street Fighter IV. That game is Street Fighter. 'Nuff said. I doubt I'll play all of those games as I've got Stephen King's Under the Dome to read (Still about 500 pages left) and possibly Twin Peaks: Season 1 coming in the mail. All-in-all, I'm expecting a fun weekend!

Ray Carsillo: I'm going to be spending a lot of this weekend going to BBQs and drinking, but in between that I'll probably be trying to master submission manuevers in UFC Undisputed 2010 and then trying to wrap up saving the ol' West in Red Dead Redemption.

So, what about you? Try to have a good weekend. Don't be miserable. I've heard that sucks! 


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