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What’re You Doing This Weekend? 7/30/10

We here at the Xbox team play a lot of games. We also occasionally watch movies and do other stuff. This weekly article is a slightly altered version of the previous "What we're playing" articles. Now, you can talk about whatever you want. A game, a movie, a comic, anything. So I ask you Player Affinity fans, what're you doing this weekend?

Jay Malone

This weekend is largely going to be one comprised of rest. I’ve done quite a bit of game playing and game writing about so I’m pretty excited to finally be able to sit down, drink a Sprite, chill out on my couch, and play NBA 2K10; which is the main game I’ll be playing all week. With the recent “Decision,” by LeBron James, I’ve decided to take my talents to South Beach. And what I mean by that is I decided to start playing NBA basketball games again. I’ve never been too large of a fan of basketball video games (or basketball in general), I always thought they were the worst of the sports games, and while I still think that, I’m finding some fun in 2K10.

I came to NBA 2K10 solely for its Association mode, that’s the mode I love in all games, and since I’m a 76er’s fan, I knew it was going to be a challenge to actually become a contender. But here I am, eight years later, I now have Dwayne Wade, LeBron James, and… Chris Kaman (Not quite Bosh but he’ll do). I had only LeBron and Kaman for one year and still managed to finish 33-49 so I’m a little scared to see what happens this year. If I do poorly with Wade, I may just take my team’s talents to South Beach. Also known as hell.

Apart from my NBA playing, I’ve got the Alan Wake DLC if I want to hop into that, Singularity still needs to be completed, and I would enjoy diving into that Kane and Lynch demo. I semi-liked semi-hated the first Kane and Lynch so I’m excited to try the second and hopeful they’ll build on the more impressive things from the first one.

On top of that goodness, maybe watch Remember Me, maybe watch Dinner for Schmucks, maybe finish up season two of Twin Peaks, maybe finish reading Scott Pilgram 1, maybe just sleep a lot. I want to do four of those five.

Nate Butch

This weekend I plan on picking up a copy of Mass Effect 1. After playing through the sequel and loving it, it’s only fair to go back and play the original. You don’t get the full experience just reading articles and watching videos, so I thought I’d do myself the favor of actually playing the series before the eventual release of Mass Effect 3. On top of that, I’m going to head over to my local rental store to see what I can see. I heard Bad Company 2 is pretty good, and I haven’t gotten the opportunity to play it yet so that might be next on my list. 


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