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What’re You Doing This Weekend? 8/13/2010

Jay Malone

Surprisingly, I’m going to be playing more Bully this weekend. But for more on that, check out my Respawn article. Apart from Bully, I've got Madden. And Madden. That’s about it. I may throw in a few hours of Civilization IV but I’m not sure yet. Mainly ready to dig further into Madden’s Franchise mode.

On the movie-front, Expendables intrigues me but only in a “Haha I’m going to laugh at how dumb this is” kind of thing, nothing more. Eat, Pray, Love? No. Scott Pilgrim? Yes; definitely going to be seeing Scott Pilgrim vs. The World this weekend. Excited to see my oh so beautiful Knives in action.

Nate Butch

With Halo: Reach releasing exactly one month from tomorrow, I've decided to keep my tradition running. Before the release of a new Halo game, I play every game in the series before the new title launches. This past week some friends I invested two days into playing the trilogy, so this weekend we're going to fire up ODST to complete our run-through. We're probably going to have to pack in over the course of two days due to our conflicting work schedules (curse the responsibilities of growing up!) but we'll be sure to get it in. After that, I'll be finishing off the weekend with my new favourite Sunday night activity; writing the latest edition of The Monitor! See you Sunday! 

Jonathan Jamrog

Well I am a workaholic so I will be working most of this weekend but in the free time I get I would love to get out and see Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. I had never heard of Scott Pilgrim before all the hype started building, comics aren't really my scene, but this movie looks like a gamer’s movie-- And any big screen nods at gaming culture is enough for me.

From a video game perspective, I have a ton of games I could be playing. I am still loving Monday Night Combat (my review!), it's only $15 people and it's a blast--- GO BUY IT! I still have a ton of games in my library to get caught up on... Dragon Age: Origins, Alan Wake and Toy Story 3 are all waiting to be played. I actually started playing the original Halo about a week ago and was amazed at how ridiculously fun it still was. I think I am going to set a personal goal and get through all three game campaigns before Reach hits. That's about it for me this weekend... No idea how I am going to fit that much gaming in but at least I have options, right?


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