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Whedonverse News: Castle, Once Upon a Time, and Firefly

There were many news tidbits from the Whedonverse (as in Joss Whedon) during the week, so we thought we would please the whedonites out there by lumping them all together.

At the periphery of the Whedonverse, Jennifer Beals joins Nathan Fillion's Castle for a two-episode arc. Beals (The Chicago Code) will play Sophia Conrad, a CIA operative — with a past with Richard Castle — who lends her assistance to Castle and Beckett in tracking a rogue CIA agent involved in a murder case. The premise shows some promise and if Beals's performance is anything like Dana Delany's in her own two-parter in season 2, the fans might be in for a treat. [via: AOLTV]
ABC's Once Upon a Time has cast a Whedon favorite, Amy Acker (Angel, Dollhouse), as a love interest for one of the residents of Storybrooke. As often in Once Upon a Time, the relationship will be developed both in Storybrooke and in the fairy tale world. [via: TVLine]

Although I am perfectly capable of adding Firefly to the title just to increase traffic to this article, it turns out there is actually a piece of news about the show at the heart of the Whedonverse. Nathan Fillion has tweeted a link to a blog by Marc Bernardin titled "Could Netflix Bring Firefly Back From the Dead?" Needless to say, it has set some corners of the blogosphere on fire. Bernardin's rationale is that the resurrection of Arrested Development by Netflix has set a precedent, and that Firefly is perfectly suited to be picked up as well. Before joining the fray and let yourself be overwhelmed by excitement, it might be good to remember that all this is pure speculation from a single source. [via: CinemaBlend]


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