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Where Are They Now? Robert Englund

Robert Englund, the original actor to portray Freddy Krueger through eight A Nightmare on Elm Street films, a TV show and a few songs and other weird no- film appearances is still doing what he does best: portraying great characters on screen. He recently stepped down from the role of Freddy and Best Supporting Actor nominee Jackie Earl Haley (WatchmenLittle Children) has taken over the role. On the April 15 episode of the detective dramaBones, entitled "Slasher", Englund will guest start in a walk on role as a janitor who works at Brenen's old high school. Englund has been rumored to apear on ABC sci-fi drama V next season if the show is renewed. Englund starred in the original V as a good guy. This was two years before he became the infamous child serial killer.
Englund has also done some recent voice work on The Spectacular Spider-Man as the Vulture and The Super Hero Squad as the Dreaded Dormamu. One of his best or worst films recently have been Jack Brooks Monster Hunter, where he plays against type as a good guy for part of the film. The other is Zombie Strippers. If you have to watch "Zombie" then be warned: it's not his best work. But then again, nor is it Jenna Jameson's best work either. His next big project will be the sequel to Dee Snyder's Strangeland entitled Strangeland: Disciple
To catch him in a "Nightmare"-related project, check out Never Sleep Again, the upcoming Nightmare on Elm St. documentary coming out May 5


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