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White Lantern Variants Revealed

Here's a little known fact about variant covers... they saved comics after the bubble popped in the 90's. So now with practically every big title there is a variant. With Marvel and DC though, there's practically a variant for EVERY title. Brightest Day is nearing it's ninth issue and DC is still cranking out the variant covers. Well all of these covers are pieces of a whole and that piece is actually amazing to look at. The question everyone seems to have though... what am I looking at?

The center of the picture seems to be getting the most focus as it has all of the ring entities trapped in the middle. Then their are comments about Hawkman and Hawkgirl not looking at each other or how Firestorm has no mouth. What I really focused on was how they looked like the new Pantheon of Greek Mythology. It's really not that hard to see. Aquaman is of course the easiest one so we'll skip right over him. Deadman equals Hades, Hawk equals Ares, Zoom equals Hermes. I'll go out on a limb and say Hawkman and Hawkgirl are Zeus and Hera respectively. Granted there's far too many men to be the true replacement of the Olympians but there is a striking resemblance. What I also find interesting about this pieces is that Martin Manhunter, Maxwell Lord and Zoom are all covering their mouths. There seems like a lot of subtleties going on in the picture, but the question remains what the hell is going on in the picture. Thoughts?

White Lantern Variants


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