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Who Is Jake Ellis #4 – Review

This issue takes a break on the high octane action that the series has become known for and focuses on the two main characters as they delve into their past. The story kicks off with Jon asleep in someone else’s hotel room. He looks like hell from lack of sleep, but the tracer he’s planted has finally stopped given him the location of the new facility. They travel all night and find the building that is posing as telemarketer phone farm. Jake guides Jon through security and sure enough, it’s a front as the phones and computers are completely fake. They make their way to the files room and there Jon discovers the truth about everything.

This is a great issue, because it only has a few action scenes. The rest of the issue is used to build the two characters, most importantly Jake. He reveals to Jon why he’s shaken the tree and thrown both men’s lives into disarray. The issue really builds on their relationship and shows that Jon really isn’t as selfish as he pretends to be. Otherwise, he’d listen to Jake when the sirens start to go off in the building.

Who Is Jake Ellis #4 CoverNathan Edmondson continues his epic spy-thriller taking readers further down the rabbit hole. This is the big issue that finally puts another puzzle piece on the table for the reader to continue figuring out the story. From here on out, the mystery changes and it becomes an all new ball game. Edmondson really has captured something special in the way only comics can. The story continues to be a frantic page flipper just so you can get to the end of the story, making it a great comic read.

Let’s not forget about Tonci Zonjic, because he’s no slouch.  It’s becoming apparent that he colors a book with particular colors in mind as a theme. Aside from Zonjic’s skilled pencil work, he really is a master at coloring. This issue red and grey is predominating on each page and the contrast makes the issue striking. When Jon and Jake are in the file room, all of the files are red which really makes them pop out on the grey background. It’s subtle because it’s so effective.

Who Is Jake Ellis
continues the intense course of story-telling that it began with issue #1. Since then it’s hit the ground running with no signs of slowing down. It’s a rare breed in today’s comic market and should be at the top of everyone’s pile.

Overall Score – 9.0/10
*This issue is not the place to start reading the series, but you should read the series!*



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