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Who is the Deadliest Assassin?

Entertainment Fuse sets out to answer the age old question that has plagued mankind for centuries: Who exactly is the most deadly assassin in gaming?

Well, this time around Steve, Charlie, and other Steve take up arms to decide who is the deadliest between these recent and classic gaming assassins. Is it Corvo Attono of Dishonored? Perhaps it’s Ubisoft’s Ezio Auditore of the famed Assassin’s Creed series. Or, lastly is it Timothy Olyphant… um, I mean Agent 47 of the Hitman franchise? Who truly is the deadliest assassin?

Steven Bednarz:
Ezio doesn’t have super powers; he’s more like your Batman-type hero with a villa and a Batwing (compliments of Di Vinci). Like Bruce Wayne, Ezio was a victim of the most brutal side of society, his family was also slain in the streets right in before his eyes. This is why Ezio Auditore is the deadliest assassin to walk the earth. He has a vendetta complimented by passion, a lethal combination. Ezio’s true supernatural power is to engulf himself in the purest form of genuine nature – the human spirit. The human spirit, when forged by passion and a vendetta, can crumble mountains or conquer nations.  The circumstances that have tempered Ezio‘s spirit allow him to become the embodiment of justice, the manifestation of vengeance.  Ezio becomes death.

Beyond being the manifestation of the cold breath before death, Ezio also has the dexterity, agility, and ambidexterity to make the most seasoned warrior look like an amateur.  He is a visceral warrior; a visceral warrior of calculation and elegance. One moment he could be surrounded by a dozen guards, the next he could be exacting deathblows to multiple foes while parrying and dodging strikes or even scale a building while barehanded in a second’s notice. Ezio is physical, he is visceral, but, more importantly, he is calculated and he chooses the appropriate time to engage in combat, to riposte, to parry, to kill.  Ezio is in complete, exact control.

His influence and control reaches beyond the confines of his physical-self because Ezio knows true power extends outside oneself or simply killing men – true power commands them. The only essence more powerful than a single human spirit is many. Not one person, but the human entity – the idea of humanity as a whole. He encourages that power by calling upon a Brotherhood of skilled assassins to aid him, Ezio is legion.  Ezio commands power.

Ezio Auditore is under complete control while exacting death and he commands the true power of humanity. He is the deadliest assassin to ever spill blood.

Ezio doesn’t have super powers; he is power, he is human.

Charlie Österlund:
Corvo Attano – from the moment of utterance the name immediately sticks. But Corvo possesses far more than just a gritty alias. He also has an impeccable slew of supernatural powers that are granted to him by a strange, ominous figure who seem to be tracking each and every one of Corvo’s moves.

In a heartbeat, Corvo can teleport himself away from danger, zoom about on rooftops and zip from one street light to another with the blink of an eye. This short-to-medium ranged method of traversing the spacious environments is distinctive to Corvo. While it’s crucial that every assassin know how to move around in their surroundings, the blinking ability alleviates the burden of having to consider how to scale walls, climb up ledges or plotting a route. Instead, Corvo teleports where he wishes in an instant while paying no mind to little things like ‘physics’.

Furthermore, his ability to control the facets of time by either slowing it down or stopping it completely puts Corvo many, many notches above his contemporaries. How do you possibly go about defeating an adversary who can bend time to his own will?  Also, Corvo can summon a plague-infected swarm of rats, possess any creature or human at his own leisure, and even send enemies plummeting towards their death with a forceful blast.

And yet, Corvo doesn’t just careen through areas with his suite of abilities, he also totes a small but potent selection of deadly weapons. He can knock foes out with a tranquilizer dart, slice their throats with a sharp blade, lunge grenades and finally do ranged battle with pistols and crossbows.

Corvo is the complete assassin-package, being able to carelessly stalk and harass his enemies through unconventional means that no other assassins in today’s video game world possess. From his death-defying way of moving around to his dangerously powerful selection of supernatural abilities and his repertoire of lethal weapons – Corvo Attano is not likely to emerge defeated from a battle. One time-bend and pistol shot later, whoever stands in the way of Corvo, will no longer be doing so. He is the assassin of video games.

Steve Smith:
There are three main reasons why Agent 47 is the deadliest assassin, each with its own measure of importance and each distinguishing himself from a world of killers. He’s genetically engineered to be the best killer possible; he can change his identity to whatever he wants to; he’s a master improviser. Allow me to explain.

While other assassins may rely on gadgets or firepower to dispose of their targets, 47 doesn’t have to depend on anything other than what’s already around him to make a kill. He can improvise at the flip of a switch, making the hit look like an accident, overdose or suicide. A master improviser can change his tune whenever he wants and 47 is one of the best. Everything imaginable can be turned into a weapon if put in the right hands. Luckily, those hands are covered in tight-fitting gloves to leave no fingerprints.

See that milkman over there? If you’re a criminal mastermind who has everything delivered then it may be best keep a wary eye on that seemingly innocent dairy distributor; he might have a barcode on his neck. Agent 47 is a master of disguise, morphing into any persona he chooses. His lack of facial or head hair make donning a perfect cover easy, which throws targets off balance or makes them complacent, allowing for a perfectly executed hit. Because 47 could be any one, at any time, he can kill and disappear as quickly and as easily as he appeared.  

The last and most important aspect that makes 47 the deadliest assassin is that he was born to be one. Raised as a science project in a facility, he doesn’t even have a name, just a bar code across the back of his neck. He spent his whole life, from birth to adulthood, becoming the most ruthless, effective killer possible. Most people focus on football or crocheting; Agent 47 was made to be a killer. He lacks emotion and a conscious, allowing him to kill without remorse or hesitation. He resembles a robot in terms of human emotion, which is perfect for his line of work.

Agent 47 is the best at what he does. He’s a cold-blooded, genetically engineered killer who can be the person you never saw coming with a weapon you least expected. 


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