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Who will be in Marvel Now Point One?

Marvel this week announced five characters who will play a major part in Marvel Now and in their one shot Marvel Point One coming out in October.  There were characters that were released in teasers that came out everyday of the week. Nick Fury Jr. throws files of Ant Man, Starlord who is the leader of Guardians of the Galaxy, Cable, Nova, Wiccan, Miss America, and Kid Loki.

These characters have either played parts in story arcs in the past year or has an upcoming movie planned. Cable was in a story arc called X Sanction where he wants to kill the Avengers. Wiccan played a major role in Avengers The Children Crusade when he finally reunited with his mother the Scarlet Witch. Ant Man and Starlord are going to be in upcoming movies Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant Man.

We will probably find out more about Marvel Now before Marvel Now Point One comes out in October, but how do you think these characters revealed in the teaser will play a major role in the future of the Marvel universe?

                                                                        Marvel Now Point One


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