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Who Will Be the New Ms. Marvel?

Last week Marvel released a teaser titled "Ms.", which many people figured that this would be a Ms. Marvel title. However, people were skeptical because Carol Danvers already has her own series with Captain Marvel.   

Earlier this week it was announced by Marvel that there will be a new Ms. Marvel series. The main character is not Carol Danvers, but a new Marvel character. The lead hero will be Kamala Khan. She is a Muslim teenage girl from New Jersey. Kamala has shapeshifting powers and takes the name of Ms. Marvel because her role model is Carol Danvers.

The writer of the book will be G. Willow Wilson. Wilson is one of the very few Muslim female writers in the industry. The artist for the book will be Adrian Alphona. Ms. Marvel will be part of the second phase of Marvel Now, which will be released February 2014.

What do you guys think about the new Ms. Marvel? Are you going to pick up the series? Do you think this will add more diversity to Marvel Comics? 



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