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Who Would Win – Aquaman vs. Namor the Sub-Mariner

In this new segment of Who Would Win we judge two superpowered beings and decide who would win in a fight. The seven seas are not big enough for both of these Kings of the Sea, but who would win? Namor the Sub-mariner, or Aquaman? Both have massive strength and speed, but this grand fight between the two will actually be a rematch. Aquaman fought Namor before in the out of canon issue Marvel Comics vs. DC #2 and won, thanks to fan-based voting, but could a rematch bring different results or will Namor crash and burn again? Aquaman Aquaman Sword of Atlantis Story Arc Abilities This ex-king of Atlantis and one of the original founders of the Justice League of America has a slew of deadly aquatic powers, the most obvious and useful being his ability to breath underwater. Depending on the issue, Aquaman has sometimes been able to control the water's movements around him to attack enemies. He could easily beat Phelps in an afternoon swim, swimming over 10,000 feet per second. He has super hearing and can see in the darkest of places. Aquaman can telepathically communicate with sea creatures and summon them from great distances away for help in battle. But Aquaman's telepathic abilities can go beyond the sea and read other people's minds. He has superhuman strength and a level of invulnerability – enough to stop a bullet. Weapons Aquaman with harpoon hand Originally Aquaman used a trident to ward off his enemies, but when his left hand was eaten by piranhas he replaced it with a harpoon and got rid of his trident. When Aquaman was exiled by the Atlanteans to Traitor's Reef he met the Lady of the Lake in the Secret Sea. In exchange for fighting the supernatural for her, the Lady of the Lake declared Aquaman the "Waterbearer" and gave him a mystical hand of water that allows Aquaman to dehydrate anyone that touches it and instantly kill them. His new enchanted hand can also change into any weapon, heal him and can create portals leading to other dimensions. Since Aquaman's death and return, however, his hand appears to be normal again and its mystical abilities may be gone. Weaknesses Aquaman cannot remain on the surface world for too long without becoming weakened while falling sick. Notable Battle During the Imperiex War story arc, Aquaman transformed into an evil water wraith but, using the last shred of his humanity, Aquaman combined with the sea to send Atlantis back under the ocean where it belonged. Namor Namor coming out of water Abilities A more solo act than Aquaman, Namor is a mutant who has some of the same abilities as Aquaman. He also has super-strength that can stop a bullet and makes him fireproof and he can communicate with sea creatures. Unlike Aquaman, Namor does not have other telepathic powers but can take the abilities of the sea creatures he communicates with. Namor can swim at up to 60 mph and has the ability of flight thanks to the wings on his ankles. He has superhuman stamina, superhuman reflexes and invulnerability. He can also see through water no matter the depth or murkiness of it. Namor can also drain ships' electricity and use it in his own electrical attacks and can absorb radiation. Weapons Namor uses the Sacred Trident of Poseidon and the Horn of Proteus which Namor uses to summon and control sea monsters like the doomsday monster Giganto. Weaknesses Namor's powers are weakened the longer he stays in the surface world for too long. He is less likely to accept assistance from others due to his hatred of humans and can be very hot-headed. Notable Battle When Namor's wife Marrina became a crazed monster destroying everything, Namor used the Dark Knight's Ebony Blade to kill her, losing his love but saving the sea. Battle in the Sea Rundown of Marvel vs. DC #2 Marvel Comics vs. DC #2 featuring Aquaman vs. Namor The original battle between Aquaman and Namor could be ruled out since the winner was based on a fan vote, but the comic shows some of the characteristics and powers both parties had and could have used in an actual battle. A rematch after the first battle would cause the characters to behave differently and try different strategies. In their first fight, Aquaman underestimated Namor and Namor's combined strength and speed underwater surprised him. Namor easily outmatched Aquaman in these respects with his powers being further augmented by the water. Namor also has a powerful will, meaning Aquaman's telepathic powers could be avoided, but if Namor used his strength wildly like in the comic, he could become more vulnerable to telepathic attacks. Aquaman also has the advantage of calling on other animals to aid him. Hands of Battle The fight in Marvel vs. DC #2 ended when Namor was attacked with Aquaman's harpooned hand. He was distracted by the cord and Aquaman called a killer whale to help him, finishing the fight with Namor for him. The fight could have been won by Aquaman even quicker if he had his enchanted water hand at the time to instantly kill or at least weaken Aquaman. With just a regular hand, Aquaman will have a disadvantage against Namor and would most likely lose against Namor's brute force as long as Namor does not let his hot-headed attitude affect his fighting. Namor can also control electricity, and while in the sea he would have the perfect conductor to try and hurt Aquaman who is less resistant than him. Overall, Namor has the better abilities and could beat Aquaman with brute force, but his personality and Aquaman's superior control of sea creatures could be Namor's downfall, making him lose as King of the Sea – but not the land. Battle On Land Fight AND Flight A battle on land could have a much different outcome. Both Namor and Aquaman are weakened on land, but Aquaman's sea creatures would be unable to aid him. Namor could still use the abilities of sea creatures from far away to his advantage. He also has the advantage of flight. In an even less fierce battle than in the sea, Namor would win this land fight with Aquaman. The two domains of the earth, land and sea, would lead to two different results for these titans, with Aquaman retaining the sea and Namor the land. Don't agree with the results? Speak your mind in the comics forum. Aquaman vs. Namor underwater


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