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Who Would Win – Raven vs. Emma Frost

This is the second of our new versus feature where we judge two superheroes for their strengths and weaknesses and pit them against each other in a play-by-play to see who would be the one and only winner.  This week we have Trigon’s demonic witch daughter Raven of the Teen Titans versus the White Queen of telepathy herself, Emma Frost Raven Raven flying Abilities As the daughter of the demon Trigon, Raven has many demonic powers.  Raven has the ability of astral projection, dubbed her “Soul-Self.”  She can separate her soul from her body and transform into a huge bird that can attack her enemies physically or mentally by entering their minds and creating an overpowering fear. Using her Soul-Self, Raven can quickly move through dimensions.  Raven has used her Soul-Self to deflect attacks aimed at her physical body. Raven has also been shown using telekinetic abilities and magic.      When she was young, Raven was trained to keep her emotions in check so she could stop her demonic powers from coming out and having Trigon posses her body.  When Raven was free to use her emotions, she discovered she was an empath, meaning she has the ability to control people’s emotions, at one point making Nightwing fall in love with her.  She can also take away people’s emotions and can absorb their pain to heal them.  Raven also has limited precognitive abilities that she has used to predict the future, the power of flight and impressive hand-to-hand combat skills.    When in her demon form, Raven has an additional number of demonic abilities. She has some level of super strength and, on a much darker note, can impregnate others with the Seed of Trigon which contains the spirits of Trigon’s dead children and causes people who are human to explode. Weaknesses Raven’s healing powers cannot heal fatal wounds and she feels the pain she takes in.  Her healing practice has almost killed her in the past.  Raven also has no control over her precognition and can only tell the future randomly.           All of Raven’s demonic powers rely on her emotional control and are much more powerful without it but Raven tries to not lose control because it could result in her losing her inhibitions and turning evil despite the large increase in power.  Raven’s Soul-Self has also failed in past battles to protect her physically from foes like the Black Adam.  Notable Battles The Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans crossover featuring Raven vs. Professor X and Phoenix In the crossover between the X-Men and the Teen Titans, Raven battles both Professor Xavier and Jean Gray, the Phoenix.  She manages to win against Professor X but loses to Jean Gray.  Emma Frost Emma Frost in White with a White Jaguar Abilities Emma is considered to possess the same level of telepathy – an “Omega Class Telepath” – as Charles Xavier.  She can control people’s minds and use hypnosis or read minds to obtain information from people.  Emma can also communicate telepathically with others. Emma’s second mutation is her diamond form.  This is a physical ability that allows Emma to transform her body into an impermeable diamond form.  When in her diamond form Emma can survive extreme hot and cold climates and becomes immortal. Weaknesses While in diamond form, Emma is vulnerable in a flawed spot and cannot use her telepathic abilities.  Out of diamond form, Emma has the physical prowess and vulnerability of a normal human.       Notable Battle Emma tried to defeat the Skrull Empire but her mind was separated from her body when trying to take down the Skrulls’ Mind-Wall. Battle of the Mind Enter a Demon’s Mind The White Queen has powerful skills and would enter Raven’s mind using her telepathy before Raven could release her Soul-Self to try and defend her mind from Emma.  She is considered the same class as Professor Xavier, another powerful telepath, but Raven managed to defeat Xavier in the past and would make an attempt to fend off Emma from controlling her mind.  Emma would have trouble staying in Raven’s mind, with Raven still having her demonic connection to Trigon stored in her mind to show Emma truly grim images that would catch Emma off guard and force her out of Raven’s mind. Soul-Self in the White Queen Raven using her Soul-Self After getting Emma out of her mind, Raven would use her Soul-Self to enter Emma’s mind.  Raven’s Soul-Self may have been destroyed physically before, but only by two people: Supergirl and Black Adam.  Both characters had super strength they used to destroy the Soul-Self, but Emma does not have much power physically even when in her diamond form. Raven would successfully enter Emma’s mind and would then induce Emma’s worst fears.  But Raven’s empathic attacks would also have no effect since Emma has trained herself against empathic attacks.  When Raven’s empathetic attacks fail her, she could only win against Emma by going completely evil, which she would not.  Even when battling the Phoenix and losing without dying Raven did not transform, despite the tremendous pressure put on her, and at this point she would not transform nor allow herself to for fear of the consequences.  Without her demonic form it would be a much easier battle for Emma, but still a close one. Good Old-Fashioned Cat Fight When both characters' mind battles end in stalemates a physical conflict would begin.  Emma could use her diamond form to resist Raven’s hand-to-hand combat skills.  Even if Raven was able to transform into her demon self, her physical strength would not be extreme enough to hurt Emma’s diamond form, a form which could withstand even Cyclops’s eye beams and which Raven does not know the weaknesses of.  Raven’s attempts at using empathy would be useless, with Emma’s diamond form being impervious to empathy.  Raven would then try using her magic and launch fiery blasts at Emma, but the diamond form would withstand the extreme heat and pain and Emma would launch the fiery blasts back at Raven.     Emma Frost, the White Queen herself, would win in the final physical confrontation unless Raven managed to teleport away, still fleeing from combat and forfeiting the match.  Even with Raven trying to teleport Emma to a non-inhabitable plane before escaping herself, Emma would be able to resist her teleportation, and even if she succumbed to it, she would be able to survive regardless the place while in her diamond form. Checkmate by the White Queen. Don’t agree with the results?  Speak your mind in the comics forum.  


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