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Why More People Should Read Independent Comic Books

Plenty of comic book readers read from the big two (Marvel and DC Comics), but I feel like there are less people who take a leap of faith to pick up some independent titles.            

Independent Comics are a perfect pathway for new comic readers who may not like the superhero genre. Marvel and DC mostly tell stories about superheroes, but there are other companies that have different types of genres. For example, if you want to read a mystery story than you might want to pick up Morning Glories from Image comics. If you want to read a zombie story than you might want to pick up Walking Dead from Image Comics. Everyone can fall in love with at least one title. Just like someone can fall in love with a novel. 

There are many writers from Marvel and DC that are writing some very popular comic books from Independent companies. With these titles they are all creator owned. So, these writers are not restricted on what they want to bring to the story. Examples of some of these writers are Nick Spencer who writes Morning Glories and Jonathan Hickman who writes Manhattan Project.

Many Indy books are becoming mainstream because they are being used for television and in movies. The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on television, but it started as an independent comic. Kick Ass made more money than expecting and the sequel of the movie is coming out later in 2013. This comic started out as independent Comic written by Mark Miller.

Independent Comics are also a good investment. When an Indy company makes a comic book they make less first printings than Marvel and DC have with their books. These companies are not sure if the new series is going to be a hit or a miss. But when it is a hit, than the first printing comic skyrockets on the market. The Walking Dead issue 1 is worth  $1,600 in 9.8 condition.

A lot of Indy companies are now making comics based of television shows. So, you may be able to find stories of your favorite television show that you may not be able to find on television. Some television based Indy books are Bionic Woman, Transformers, and Charmed. They are also doing the same with movies like Star Wars and Star Trek

So, next time you go to the comic book store and you have a light week think about getting an Indy book. You may really enjoy it and it may become one your favorite series on your pull list. 


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