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Why We’re Looking Forward to Halo 4

Who isn’t looking forward to Halo 4? Sure, there will be those who will say that Microsoft is milking the franchise, and that 343 Industries can’t handle a Halo game, but even those skeptical have got to feel some sort of anticipation to the fourth installment. Here’s why countless Xbox 360 owners will be lining the streets as midnight approaches on November 6:

Master Chief is back, finally

It’s only been five years, but it’s felt much, much longer. Perhaps treading through games such as ODST as Rookie will do that. Halo is Master Chief, and vice-versa. He’s the character we were first introduced to in the franchise (well, some might argue that was Captain Keyes, but that’s beside the point).

Kudos to Bungie for trying something different with ODST and Reach, but really, we need our badass Master Chief fix. 2007 was oh, so long ago.

We are finally off a ring-shaped world (possibly)

Yes, landing on a ring-shaped world in Combat Evolved and seeing the ring in the sky was a cool experience. Hey, how about another ring world? (Halo 2). And here, have another (Halo 3).

Joking aside, the Forerunner world that Halo 4 takes place on is full of intrigue. For those of us dying to know what the end of Halo 3 on Legendary meant, this might be the answer that we have been searching for. Halo 4 looks to bring back the adventure element that had been lacking in the series since the first game, and we are so glad for it.

The Covenant are back, but probably not the main bad guys

For those of us tired of blasting away the same old Grunts, Jackals, and Brutes, Halo 4’s Forerunner AI creatures will be a shot in the arm. There was nothing left to reveal about the Covenant that wouldn’t feel forced, and the Flood were overused to the point of being ridiculous.

The new enemies in Halo 4 are creepy, fast, and who knows what else. That mystery will be reason enough to charge through the game.

Good ol’ Halo multiplayer

Some view the Halo franchise as strictly multiplayer, and Halo 4 will give those more reason to think so, with new modes, maps, and more. Be prepared to be called a “noob” all over again.

Just recently announced is the new Infinity Slayer mode, a take on the traditional Team Slayer. The UNSC Infinity, seen in the trailer, will drop randomized weapons at certain intervals during the match. Rather than respawning weapons at set times, you might never guess when the Infinity will resupply the map, which should be an added challenge for Halo vets and keep things fresh during long matches.

Also added to multiplayer (and most useful in Infinity Slayer mode) is the new “personal ordinance” system. As you earn medals, such as stylistically killing someone (hijack their vehicle, perhaps), your ordinance meter will fill up. Once full, you will earn a special reward weapon drop from the Infinity.

It’s the first in a new trilogy

This means we will be seeing Halo 5 and 6 sometime in the next decade, and likely next console generation. Will Halo 4’s story be interesting enough to warrant two more sequels? A cliffhanger ending is inevitable.

Halo 4 means a fresh start for the franchise, and for Master Chief. These new chapters could have us begging for Halo 7, 8, and 9, or we’ll be on our knees begging for the franchise to die. There is too much intrigue not to check out Halo 4.


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