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Wii Fit Personal Trainers at Trump Hotel

Wii Fit may or may not actually be that great as an actual fitness routine. Some claim to have achieved health benefits, at least in part, due to Nintendo’s fitness software.  Regardless of how effective it really is, Wii Fit is better for you than just sitting on the couch.

The Trump Hotel in Las Vegas offers their guests hour long gaming sessions with personal trainers… at a high price. The “Wii Sports Package” entails a personal trainer coming to your suite, giving you and your family private instruction on how to get the most out of our gaming experience with not only Wii Sports, but Wii Fit as well all for a "reasonable" $90.00.

Now I know you are thinking “Ninety US Greenbacks!? I could purchase a Nintendo Balance-board with Wii Fit for that price.” Yes, yes you could my friend. However, in this digital age software is consuming our very lives and cutting off ties to our fellow man. Too much time in seclusion with videogames will make you violent and hurt the people around you. We need to reinstate human interaction in our lives. We need fitness professionals to teach us how videogames can be used for good and not evil. You cannot put a price-tag on that. Well, actually you can…$90.


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