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Wii U eShop Gets an Exclusive Rayman Legends Challenge Mode in April

Ubisoft has been getting a large amount of criticism from Nintendo fans since their announcement to delay the near-completed Rayman Legends from next week to September just to port it to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and the company wants to mend relations with those fans. They announced earlier in the week that the Wii U’s eShop was getting an exclusive demo of the game, but they recently detailed on their Facebook page that it actually much more.

Unlike most demos that just show off a level or two, Ubisoft’s second Rayman demo is really an online challenge mode. Due out in April, this free, Wii U-exclusive challenge mode will have updated daily and weekly challenges within 5 different levels. These levels can support up to five players and will be tracked by leaderboards complete with ghosts to compare and contrast strategies.

The developers also announced that the delay would allow them to generate new content for the core game as well.

While some fans might not believe that this will make up for the sudden delay, this is a very kind gesture by the developers who could have easily done nothing.


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