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Will Brightest Day Be The End of Those Risen?

From the darkness – came light. And from that light, the Dark came back… When Nekkron and Black Hand brought death with them, it literally tore the DC Universe apart. Now that Nekkron is seemingly dead and Black Hand with the indigo tribe, the light has once again won against the darkness! However, for how long? As I recently noticed, Brightest Day can’t last forever! And after Boston finds his calling at being the only person wielding a white ring, what will happen after that? Does darkness win in the end? Or is there a spectacular battle against darkness and light again?

Brightest Day and Blackest Night have impacted lots of character’s careers in the DCU (DC Universe). While Blackest Night killed lots of heroes in the process, Brightest Day did the exact opposite (in a way). While everyone killed didn’t get resurrected, only twelve characters out of the thousands were brought to life. So what will happen after this Brightest Day story arc comes to an end? Who possibly knows, but here are some thoughts.

With the image of Deadman that was released as one of the final cover issues to the main Brightest Day story arc, what could this mean for Deadman? Boston is dating Dawn Granger, but could their relationship go south do to Boston’s mission? How about his Brightest Day directive he was told to “live” by the entity. But what does that really mean to Boston and how will he full fill this mission? As the cover shows a White Lantern Deadman the expression in his face shows great dismay so will Deadman be the ultimate threat in the end?

The white dust that Deadman is standing in or around could mean a numerous of things. However, my first thought is that it probably means the White Entity and power has died out. If Deadman doesn’t find the true wielder of the White Lantern ring will those that were given life again die? If the White Lantern Power Battery does die off in the end of the series, will the heroes and villains still be alive after the one thing that gave them their life back?

And what about the other missions the White Lantern has given to other heroes and villains?

Jade’s mission was to save her brother since he will save her friends and she accomplished this mission. The ring then returned life to her. Another example is with Professor Zoom. His mission was to allow The Flash to escape the speed force, and his life was also returned. So for those who haven’t completed their missions – will they die at the end of Brightest Day? And also Captain Boomerang’s mission was to throw a boomerang at Dove, and Hawk is supposed to catch it. While the White lantern entity is a force of good and not evil, I don’t completely understand why the White Lantern would want to try to kill Dove. What if Hawk failed? And Dove died would the White Lantern return life?  

So what does the White Lantern entity have in store for future titles and the last events of Brightest Day? No one knows, but this epic title is about to close in a few months! So join in now while you have the chance at what is happening in the Brightest Day story arc!


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