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Will ‘Les Miserables’ Dream a Dream in 3D?

Filmmaking in 3-D is mostly associated with big blockbusters like Avatar or the “Transformers” films, but the technology is making its way to more prestigious fare as well. Martin Scorsese is making his first 3-D film with the family-friendly fantasy Hugo, and now another prestigious picture might take advantage of the 3-D technology.

Cinema Blend relays the word on the street that director Tom Hooper might make Les Miserables, his upcoming adaptation of the famous stage musical, in 3-D. The source, who seems to have a place in the film’s cinematography department, indicates that Hooper is “strongly leaning toward” using 3-D.

The aforementioned Avatar thrived both with critics and audiences thanks to its 3-D component and the way it helped audiences immerse themselves in the gorgeous world of Pandora. However, Les Miserables, being an esteemed costume musical, is an entirely different beast to say the least.

It’s all a rumor at this point, but even if Hooper does envision this as a 3-D experience, it goes without saying that Les Miserables is the prestigious musical of prestigious musicals. Would Universal really risk throwing such prestige – and potentially the film’s Oscar hopes (the December 7, 2012 release date screams, “We want Oscars!”) – with 3-D technology?


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