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Will Limbo’s Success Shape the Future of XBLA?

Limbo was the break out hit of this year's Summer of Arcade, no one can argue against that. Limbo's near universal acclaim and of course Player Affinity's rave review by our own Jay Malone cements it as one of the best titles in Xbox Live Arcade's arsenal.

It should be of no surprise that Limbo outsold the other games in this years Summer of Arcade (and by outsold we mean completely dominated). It was a breath of fresh air with a perfect blend of challenging puzzles and flat out simplicity. It's one of those rare titles that reminds us why we play video games.

In a recent interview, Microsoft Game Studios VP Phil Spencer challenged the idea that known intellectual properties will always be the dominant titles when it comes to sales on Xbox Live Arcade. Games like Limbo, Shadow Complex and Braid were quoted as examples that have managed to succeed extremely well on XBLA while not having the luxury of being established IPs.

It makes you think about the future of downloadable games. While Xbox Live Arcade has come a long way since it's inception, the platform is still new territory. While both established properties and brand new IPs will always have a place, as time goes on it will be interesting to see which one ends up being more dominant.


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