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Win $8,000 Playing Red Orchestra 2

You and your clan can win up to eight thousand dollars in an upcoming Red Orchestra 2 tournament being hosted by the game's developer Tripwire Interactive, along with gaming clans Forgotten Honor and The Wild Bunch. This will be the very first official competitive event for Tripwire's new ultra-realistic World War II shooter, which just came out last week.

The tournament will be a team-based competition called "Scorched Earth" and the set up is as follows according to the press release: "'Scorched Earth' is a knockout tournament for Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad, played in the Countdown gametype. The tournament will run through rounds of matches, held between clans in a US division and a European division, with the winners of each division playing a Grand Final (USA vs EU) on servers on both sides of the Atlantic." Servers for the competition will be provided by Gaming Deluxe in Europe and NFO in America.

The wining team will receive eight thousand dollars and the second place team wins four thousand.  See more about the event on Forgotten Honor's website, and check out our review of the game.


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