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Win Our Comic Con Swag! – UPDATE!

UPDATE! And the winner is 3KidneyBandit! Thanks to everyone that entered but the "The Minitaur Horns" really stole the show early and will be contacted via email to receive their prize. Thanks again everyone and be sure to check out Super Pro KO from Oni Press!

We here at PAC are all about giving. We give you awesome reviews and interesting features every week, but really felt like we should give something more to the readers. So Kevin and I put our swag together (and even a few things that I bought) to give away. You might have noticed that brand new copy of Super Pro K.O.! sitting pretty in the middle. You may have also noticed that its format resembles that of Scott Pilgrim. You may want to know that it's really nothing like Scott Pilgrim regardless of what Oni says. But it's a new book that we're offering to you for free!

So how do you win this contest?

1) Easy, first you need to register an account. No you can't just leave a comment and not have an account because I'll have no way of emailing you telling you that you're a winner!

2) Post a comment on this article! You can post twice and only twice but you may just want to do one really good comment. Here's what you have to say in your comment.

What would your wrestling name be? What would your "special move" be or what would your gimmick be?

Comic Con Swag
Not too hard and not unusual, so have fun with it and the contest is open until Midnight Tuesday August 3rd pacific standard time.

Legal stuff: This contest is sponsored by Player Affinity Comics only. Comic publishers and creators in no way shape or form have sponsored this contest so don't go bugging them about it. Also US resident's only, sorry but I'm shipping this myself.


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