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Winter Voices Bundle Available

We recently reviewed the first episode of the French Indie game Winter Voices, and enjoyed it quite well.  It's an episodic game which will be released in seven installments priced at five dollars each.  Three have been released so far, and the developer Beyond the Pillars has now bundled them together with a twenty percent discount.  That's twelve dollars for the three episodes together; and each has a play time of three our four hours which makes it a good investment for your indie dollar.

Winter Voices plays much like a point and click adventure with an isometric view, but it also uses turn-based strategy RPG for the combat sequences.  The gameplay itself is highly simplified, and the true focus of the game is the story-telling, and  the emotional intimacy it conveys.  It provides an extremely unique gaming experience, and is more for gamers who enjoy high art, than hardcore Tactical RPG fans.

You can read our review of the first installment HERE, and you can check out the demo which is available from the Beyond The Pillars website, or through Steam.  They demo and game are available for PC or Mac, and have modest tech requirements.  No exact release date has been set for the remaining four episodes, but expect them to arrive about one per month.


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