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“Witch Hunt” DLC Announced for Dragon Age

It’s been exactly two weeks since I complained that Bioware is releasing DLC for Dragon Age at a faster rate than we can play it. As if to spite me, those jerks have announced yet more DLC is on the way.  In their defense, they’re saying that this will resolve the last plot thread in Origins, so it might be the last time they harass us with their DLC and let us all get on with our lives (I still have all that Mass Effect DLC to play too, guys).  After all they’re hard at work on Dragon Age 2, and they have to make sure it is so full of content that no one will be able to finish that before Dragon Age 3 comes out.

As for the final slap of Dragon Age Origins, it’s called Witch Hunt and will explain what happens to swamp witch Morrigan after the end of Origins main story.  It’s set one year after the conclusion of the game, which could mean Morrigan has given birth to the mysterious demon/god/baby thing she alludes to before the final battle of Dragon Age. You will be able to import your existing character, or create a new one just for this adventure.

It costs 7 dollars (Or your platform’s equivalent in Points) and will be available for XBox, Playstation and PC on September 7th. After that, hopefully, the gang at Bioware will take a freaking vacation!


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