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Witchblade #144 – Review

This double-sized 15th anniversary issue of Witchblade not only has a lot of substance but sustenance too.  Witchblade #144 is the perfect issue to get any newbie caught up with all the Witchblade lore, although with two stories, it might not be what hardcore fans are really looking for. The first story from Witchblade #144, “cleverly” titled “Origin Secret.”  Why not a normal title like “Secret Origin?”  We’ll talk about that when we get to the second story.  “Origin Secret” focuses on an internal affairs agent investigating the death of Sara Pezzini’s former partner Jake McCarthy.  In the process Jake’s journal is found detailing Sara’s history as the bearer of the Witchblade. Top Cow, Ron Marz Witchblade #144, Cover A by Stjepan SejicThe rest of the comic is a flashback to Sara’s past, quickly going over the most important moments from the last 15 years of the Witchblade that every newbie should know before starting to read Witchblade.  Ron Marz makes this story the perfect jumping on point for new readers, but not as much for the hardcore fans that have been following the series. Most fans know the basics, and while this may be a helpful recap it could easily be skipped if you know the story and want to save five bucks for the next issue of Witchblade that actually has an impact on the current Witchblade stories.  While the target is mostly newbie-based the art can please both crowds. Stjepan Sejic is not himself a newbie to drawing Witchblade. He created some of the most original monsters in Witchblade #141.  There are no monsters in this issue but Sejic manages to distract readers from that with beautiful images of Sara that look like they belong on the cover of Vogue.  Sejic’s drawings almost look like high-quality graphics from a video game and are every bit as enjoyable.  Just pay no attention to anyone else other than Sara, especially with the beginning of this issue starting out with oddly proportioned people we don’t really care much about wearing expressions that don’t always match their current emotion.  When looking at this story for newbies and others looking to see a beautiful heroine with a creative back-story laid out nicely for you, this issue fulfills all your dreams and is one of the better origin story oriented comic books.  It doesn’t just present facts, it has a small sub plot linking them together and giving us a reason why we are reliving Sara’s past.   The second story let’s us relive her boyfriend’s.  It’s a much shorter story simply titled “Secret Origin,” a reverse of the original title.  The story gives a short telling of Patrick Gleason’s background story.  It is not written by Ron Marz but Filip Sablik.  Sablik surprisingly manages to do something the Upstate Arc could not.  The Upstate arc gave us a story revolving around Gleason without Sara to show how “great” he was.  That issue had an interesting character, but it wasn’t Gleason. This story makes him more likable in a rather short amount of time.  It also subtly mentions some key points from Gleason’s past that Sablik couldn’t fit into the entire short story, like Gleason’s brother being killed during 9-11, one of the most important past plot points effecting Gleason’s character. The art doesn’t have as much of a positive impact. Immediately the art style gives away the fact that this story is drawn by someone not as gifted as Sejic.  John Tyler Christopher has no pretty women to draw in this story and fails to give any other characters memorable emotions or look like Sejic could in the previous story. Even without following as great an artist as Sejic, Christopher’s art is already mediocre at best.  Despite the moments of mediocre art and lack of material forwarding the story, Witchblade #144 successfully presents an origin story not boring or cliché unlike the stories’ title.  The second story also gives a lot to the reader interested in the male presence in the Witchblade.  But it is clearly apparent throughout the issue that there is much more narration than dialogue and it is more for newcomers to keep the Witchblade series going to it's 16th anniversary.   Overall Score - 7.3/10 *Good - Perfect for newcomers to the Witchblade series*                                                    And congratulations to Top Cow's Witchblade for lasting 15 years! 


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