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Wolverine and the X-men #9 Review

Wolverine and the X-men is one of my favorite Marvel series out right now. So, when I saw that Wolverine and the X-men was going to have a tie in with Avengers Vs. X-men for this issue I was pretty excited. Because I thought this series could handle the event more than the main series.

I did not love the art for the cover. I am not a big fan of the graffiti art style. I think it looks kind of messy and sketchy. I think this art style works with other series, but not with the characters in Wolverine and the X-men.

In this issue Wolverine and his school find out that the phoenix is returning. Wolverine knows that he is going to have to take charge. So, he teams up with Captain America and the Avengers to go to Utopia and convince Cyclops for them to take Hope.

I enjoyed this issue more than I have been enjoying the main series for Avengers Vs. X-men. I think they have a better handle on the main story for Avengers VS. X-men, which the main story for the event is about the phoenix. They had better story telling in this issue for the event.

My favorite scene that I loved from this issue was with Idie and Wolverine. They kind of have a heart to heart and you see that they are trying to build a friendship. This friendship reminds me a lot of the friendship that Wolverine has with Kitty Pryde and Jubilee. Wolverine is a great father figure to these characters. I hope we get to see more of that relationship with Wolverine and Idie.

My one big disappointment from this issue is that I felt that this issue should of focused more on Jean and Wolverine’s relationship because Jean’s death was a very important event in Wolverine’s life. So, I wished they focused on that more.

Like I said in the cover portion of my review I am not a big fan of the art for this series. I love the story, but the art does not fit these characters very well. I hope they change the graffiti style to a style that fits these characters more in the upcoming issues.

I thought this was a solid issue. It was much better than the Avengers Vs. X-men #2 that came out this week. I say pick up this issue it was a great issue if you are a Wolverine fan, and you wanted to see how he would react to the Avengers Vs. X-men event. 



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